William Cafarella: How He Manages More Than 250 Employees

Dealership management expert William Cafarella discussed how he is able to successfully manage more than 250 employees at once.

Managing hundreds of employees at one time is no easy feat. However, dealership management expert William Cafarella has been able to do just that and great success. Cafarella has been in the car dealership business for decades and is currently working at Coral Springs Nissan as the General Manager. Throughout his years in the industry, he has managed the nation’s largest Honda dealership, largest Volkswagen dealership, the second-largest Toyota dealership, and more. William Cafarella recently discussed a few of his tips and tricks for managing a large team.

“Right now, I oversee the entire operation, including sales, service, and parts,” William Cafarella said . “I’m responsible for managing more than 250 employees.”

William Cafarella explained that he has developed several systems that keep him successful in managing such a large number of employees over the years. All of his dealerships are run on a proven method with multiple processes developed by himself. William Cafarella explained that managing 250 employees involves managing people of varying personalities, backgrounds, and job descriptions.

“As the number of employees I managed over the years grew, I learned to adapt my leadership style to suit them,” William Cafarella said. “Now, I feel comfortable managing any size team.”

William Cafarella

William Cafarella explained that his leadership style was forced to adapt from direct management to indirect management. It’s easy to manage a team of five people directly, but a team of 250 people requires managing from a greater distance. William Cafarella explained that while he’s now more removed from some individual employees, he’s still responsible for their outcomes. That’s why he creates systems for each department and hires development managers beneath him. This way, he can connect with individual managers, who can relay his messages and strategies to the individual employees.

“At first, managing this number of employees may seem like an impossible task,” William Cafarella said. “But finding a balance between managing individuals yourself and trusting top-quality managers below you can ease the stress and constant strain.”

William Cafarella explained that a significant part of managing many employees is creating a team you can trust. He stated that you need to be able to trust others to their jobs correctly, so you can continue working toward further business success.

William Cafarella’s systems have been proven effective, as he has an impeccable background of building dealerships from the ground up, increasing sales volume, and increasing net profit. He is currently taking Coral Springs Nissan to the top as well. Coral Springs Nissan is already moving to the top as in 2020 Coral Springs Nissan was the largest Nissan dealer on the planet in October of 2020 and in December of 2020.

Originally published at https://williamcafarella.com on February 10, 2021.

William Cafarella is an expert General Manager with nineteen years of delivering effective dealership management, staff supervision https://williamcafarella.com

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