William Cafarella Discusses Five Major Ways to Motivate Your Team in the Workplace

William Cafarella
2 min readMay 20, 2021


William Cafarella recently discussed five significant ways you can keep your team motivated in the workplace.

Employee burnout is not uncommon in many workplaces across the country. A lack of motivation by employees can quickly lead to unaccomplished goals and a decline in profit. However, management experts like William Cafarella understand what it takes to keep a team motivated and maximize employee accomplishments. Cafarella recently offered five significant ways to motivate your team.

“Teamwork is just about the only way to accomplish anything in the workplace,” William Cafarella said. “Combining knowledge, energy, and skills is how you reach success, so keeping your team motivated is essential.”

William Cafarella first acknowledged the importance of paying your employees what they are worth. Showing your employees that they and their work is appreciated is one of the best ways to keep them motivated and prevent them from looking for work elsewhere.

William Cafarella added that making the workplace an enjoyable place is another way to keep your team motivated to come to work and achieve daily. The workplace should be a place that’s welcoming, free of clutter, and stimulating. In general, a workplace that makes your team feel good will keep them motivated and focused on current goals.

“Set goals and systems are essential to team success,” William Cafarella said. “Set definitive goals, so your employees know which tasks are most important and need to be completed first.”

William Cafarella explained that 63 percent of workplace employees felt that they wasted time because they didn’t know which tasks were top priorities. He expressed the importance of establishing goals and each team member’s role in accomplishing those goals.

“Much of team motivation relies on the leader,” William Cafarella said. “A boss or manager should never micromanage employees. The goal is to hire employees you can trust and establish the aforementioned goals, so you don’t have to look over your shoulders all day long.”

William Cafarella is an expert in the management game. He is currently responsible for managing more than 250 employees. He explained that his final piece of advice is to avoid useless meetings. These meetings are a waste of time for everyone and eventually harm the bottom line rather than improve it. A recent study showed that the average employee wastes nearly four hours a week in unnecessary meetings. This is four hours per week that could be used for achieving goals.

“Keeping your team members happy is an important part of managing and keeping everyone on task,” William Cafarella said. “ Following the five tips above will help you keep your team satisfied and motivated to succeed.”

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William Cafarella

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